Three main strategies for retaining church members and new converts.

1.   Follow-up brings retention. 

  2. Concentrate to retain church members and new converts. 

   3. Devotion brings brings about retention.

How does following-up church members, visitors and new converts bring retention?   Some time ago there was a farmer who had a poultry farm the population of the fowls was stagnant/remained constant; there was no growth but at some point the fowls started to increase and multiply and suddenly the population of the farm increased greatly. Question: why was the population of the fowls not growing or increasing?

Question 2. What happened that the fowls suddenly began to increase?

The farmer did a follow-up on the birds and discovered that the fowls were dying of epidemic and so he decided to get the right medicines for the fowls after he treated them with the right medications the fowls stop to die and began to increase greatly. You see following up on your church members helps you to discover their main and personal/private issues that way you know what you need to do to help them and you can pray to address their specific needs and/ issues. If we can prevent a large number of church members, visitors and new converts from dropping off, then the church would experience sudden growth and increase greatly.


1. Prayer.


3. Teaching the word of God.


Principle no.1 Pray for visitors and new convertsPray that all visitors and new converts will come back to the church. Pray that they will become established in Christ and in the church. Philippians 4.19. Principle no2. Visit new visitors and converts: – Visiting show a sense of care and love and remember to get your church leaders to be involved in this because one person can only visit a few people but 10 -20 church leaders can visit a whole lot.

Principle no3. Do not waist time on nonserious members, visitors or new converts. 2Timothy 2:2

Second strategy: Concentrate to retain. Remember that our primary goal is to fulfil the call of God on our lives therefore channel your energy into the work of God.

The blood of Jesus

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